Garbage Days

I assure you I’m not going through other people’s garbage. Tomorrow is garbage day and when you are moving, that means you try to put as many things out on the curb. I want to avoid having to rent a dumpster.

The For Sale is a good indicator to those who are looking for goodies that this house’s garbage may be worth picking through. As soon as I put out a bookshelf or piece of furniture on the curb, it’s picked up by a new friend.

For me today, discarding some things has been like parting with good friends who are moving far far away. So if you do not mind, I think I will throw myself a pity party. Better yet, I think I may go back to some of these bags before it gets dark, and save some of my old friends from a long trip.

We all need to be saved sometimes. Today it may be me.



One thought on “Garbage Days

  1. ❤ I can definitely relate to going back out there to check on those “old friends” and, perhaps, re-claiming a couple of them. Love and Hugs, CMarie


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