Floor plans

My mailbox is full of floor plans. Floor plans of possible apartments my family and I can rent. By the time I call the management company however, the apartments are usually rented by another family.

The thing is – I have lived in the City before. I understand the concept of location. I understand it will be a lot smaller than my house. I even understand that I will have to accept that one amenity will have to take precedence over another and I can’t have everything that I want.

But, in looking over these floorplans daily, they are beginning to all look the same to me. And in the end, our family will be the ones who will give life to the physical structure, and all the people we will welcome into our home whom we will gather around our farm table- they will be the ones who will breathe life into the space.

I can’t wait. I’m ready.

For today though, I will continue packing and laundering my sofa slip covers, my window sheers, and shower curtains..

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