New Perspectives

“What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing….” C.S. Lewis

Visiting possible homes this weekend, I began to think about new perspectives. As the elevator climbed higher and higher, I realized I have never called home a hotel-like perspective. I think I surprised the agent when I was eager to see the views from the outdoor terrace early in the visit.

It’s amazing that our perspectives are shaped by what we put in front of our eyes and where we stand. Day after day we see the world through the same lenses and perspective. What happens if suddenly the view changes?

Soon my perspective will change by just changing where I live. I will see the world from high up in the sky. I will begin each day by seeing the sky, the sun and the clouds by looking out instead of up.

This adventure is about to begin. I hope I am ready to dream a little higher off the ground.

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