Don’t Buy New Sheets


The sweet little cottage we have called home for so many years is being purged. Today’s task has been to clean the linen closet and that other closet you know you have – where a little bit of everything else you own lives.

After I organized the boxes and labeled them, “storage” and “apartment”, I began the ordering of the third category – how many of these treasures need to go to goodwill.

Very quickly, the bag to goodwill became too heavy to lift. How did I become a hoarder of bedding, table linens and towels? Why didn’t my mother teach me how to buy only what I need? (Sorry mom) And, at what point will I learn the lesson that more is not better, it is just more? Maybe tomorrow?

Some lessons are harder to learn than others. I believe there’s hope for me yet. “Don’t buy new sheets” is not strong enough incentive for me to change all my habits. Perhaps,  the size of my new linen closet will force me into submission.

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