Traveling Light

This is my adorable and incredibly strong husband trying to pull the loved dollhouse out of the attic. I have no idea how he got it up there, but pulling it down for refuse day took great effort.

As I stood by watching him struggle, I hesitated to get involved for fear of it falling on either one of us. After about 10 minutes, the dollhouse finally broke free.

How many things have I tried so hard to fit into my life – good things which I clearly didn’t need? Good things which although were great to have, in the long run caused distractions, hiccups, and in our case, even injury for one of my kids. Some relationships, some habits, and sometimes dollhouses become apart of our lives. And like my husband’s struggle to remove the “dollhouse” was difficult, we finally realized we needed to cut ties. Although our dollhouse was fun for awhile, I held onto it too too tightly even after my children grew out of playing with it.

Hope you can relate to this. As the purge continues, bits of wisdom and understanding are poking through. I am feeling lighter each day.

Travel light.

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