The Confessions of a Tissue Paper Hoarder

Well…. maybe not. BUT, we all have a closet with too much IKEA “free” tissue paper and Christmas color gift wrap. I think.

After all, it’s a sunny Saturday in February and there’s nothing I would rather do than be in my basement closet sorting through unopened gift wrap rolls I purchased 3 years ago, ok 7 years ago.

Today I am going to take only what I need. As I have said, “I will learn to travel light”. But what about the fact that I see before me the wastefulness I contributed to my world? In the end, I want to become more intentional, conscious of my actions, more careful with my resources and take more time to look in that closet before I buy another pair of socks, another box of pencils, another dish towel, and for me, tissue paper.

Today this paper is already in my dining room waiting and ready to be repurposed to wrap my glassware for my move.

Learning to forgive myself for these little things is part of my journey as well. And in the future, my friends may be receiving gifts with only ribbon tied on the outside!

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