Leaving a Legacy

As I take more down and box it away, I am reminded of where the item came from, whom I was with when I received it, and I get lost in my thoughts amidst all the activity.

“Love” hung next to my back door to remind all who came and went from this place that, Love lives here. But the kind of love which has lived here can’t be fit into a neat box tied with a velvet ribbon. It didn’t need a sign. It was messy and complicated at times.  BUT, it was worth the tears, late night talks, belly hard laughing, arguments, prayers and petitions to God, and every uncomfortable unfiltered moment.

It’s funny how people say that after laboring, a mother forgets the pain when she sees her newborn for the first time. Sorry – that’s not me. I remember the pain and I want to keep it that way, because it reminds me that we need to fight hard for the people and relationships we care deeply for. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we expected. Sometimes memories are not sentimental. But. We. Stay. In. The. Game.

I loved that after I took the sign down, the word remained. It couldn’t be erased. It’s almost time to hang love in a new home.

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