Unreliable Emotions

I didn’t think it would be like this. I thought we would pack it. And the movers would move it.

But in between the known and the unknown exists impatience and worry. Where will all these boxes fit? How will we pull this off? We will be living how high in the sky? Why are we doing this again?

And then it dawned on me. My emotions are not reliable when everything around me is changing. What if I decide each day to include something regular and ordinary with the unfamiliar so to learn the unknown with grace. Leaving room for margin to go out to eat, to read a few words, to pray and journal, to exercise, to spend time with friends and family even if it involves packing together, to watch “This Is Us” and cry until my eyes sting, to clean the bathroom, and to remember this is a new season. And. It. Will. Become. The. New. Normal.

I talk to myself and often say, “it will be ok”. “wait”, “breathe”, and “be thankful”.

Even if yesterday I walked around town wearing two different hanging earrings without knowing!!!!! Thank you to my gracious girlfriends who were kind enough to not even mention it!

Life. Is. Where. You. Are. Right. This. Moment. Don’t waste it.

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