When Delay Produces a Yes

Dear Friends,

It has been a challenging few weeks. One apartment we had our hearts set on, fell through. Even after giving everything but our DNA sample on the application, the answer was no. Someone else got the yes.

So we went back to the drawing board and visited a dozen homes this past week with our Realtor. Apartment after apartment – I felt nothing. Even those which were nice to see, seemed like the wrong space for us to do life in.

Delay. Hurts.

Finally on the last day, there was a moment when everything aligned and we walked in and knew right away it was the right one. By the next morning, we had a yes. Totally not what I expected. Totally not where I expected. But here we were handed a beautiful gift. All we needed to do was say “yes”.

This delay produced our yes. Yet the process to get here was challenging. Moments of the actual move over the next two weeks. Please come back and visit.



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