Drinking Tea From Our Own Teacups Again

After a very long and tiring week, we made it! A week ago Sunday, we packed everything into boxes, except a small suitcase of clothing for each of us – just in case we couldn’t find our own boxes.

Sure enough, I ended up wearing the same three outfits, washed and worn over and over for the last 8 days.

Here’s the recap: Moving day looked like this.

Between 7 am and noon, the little house was packed up and by 5:30, the new apartment high in the sky, received us and our gazillion boxes.

My husband and I just watched as a group of 5 men came and wrapped all of our earthly possessions and took them on the interstate to our new home in the City.

The first few days looked like this.

After a week of everything being new, we are beginning to find our new normal.

We are doing laundry again. We are no longer eating only take out. And we are drinking tea from our own tea cups.

People are as kind high up in the sky as they are down on the ground. We even have tv, internet and telephone.

Best of all, we have each other. The best is yet to come. Suburb to City Life is going to get very fun!

One thought on “Drinking Tea From Our Own Teacups Again

  1. Hi y’alls. I’ve watched with puzzlement as you guys head into the city. I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get as far from the city as I could. Maybe the farm boy in me is too entrenched but the peace and quiet far from the rumble speaks to me. Maybe some day we’ll try to stop by. Enjoy your new home.

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