I’m Going To Be Ok With This Mess

Dear Friends,

Is there a mess in your home too? In your garage? In your basement? How about in your car? Your work or school bag?

My messes look different in different parts of my life. For instance, the mess in my new apartment is all about boxes I have no idea where to unpack. The mess in my body is from lack of needed TLC and sleep. The mess in my mind and soul is from going going going too fast these last weeks. And I don’t even want to tell you about relationships with people I love who I have neglected these last months.

The good news is that no mess is beyond repair. If my messy apartment can be ordered, and my overtired body can be revived, then certainly the deeper messes can also be tenderly and gracefully brought back to life.

I love seeing something broken beyond repair redeemed; something broken into pieces become beautiful again.

I have to keep reminding myself to be patient with this new chapter. Over and over, I told myself today, “I’m going to be OK with this mess”. Then I left the mess and went out for several hours to discover new places near by. I came home with way too many groceries and new candles I don’t really need. But I also came home with a renewed sense of a fresh mind and spirit.

Perhaps next time, I will show you more open spaces in my apartment. And perhaps not.  I will choose to be ok with some chaos. I can not be in control always. I will release the pressure by embracing the fall.

I am looking for a soft landing….

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