Aisle 6B

Dear Friends,

These days it’s all about remembering my location. I have lived just outside the City for many years, have learned the ins and outs of great places to eat, places in the Park to have a picnic, markets/weekend farmers markets to purchase fresh produce, and most importantly- best places to stand on the street for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

There were no surprises about an absence for space. I knew that we would have less of that.

But all of a sudden, I am living in the City and I feel as though I moved to a brand new place and have to remember my location, high above the ground. New subway lines. Grocery markets near my apartment I have never shopped at . Parking in a garage that is not attached to my house. I ask myself how many grocery bags I can legitimately carry myself up to my apartment? The answer is fewer than I would like to believe.

However, each new day I wake up and walk out to my living room and am in awe that the beautiful view which is still there from the day before. Like a child on Christmas morning, I get giddy with excitement to open the blinds.

When I am not careful, I forget for a second that this is not a holiday, and after the last boxes are unpacked (this week), life will begin to commence. Our promise to welcome kindred spirits, new friends and friends yet to make -in our life and our home will take flight.

I have read that “the harvest is plenty and the workers are few”. I want to be in on this employment opportunity.

Now if I can just remember my location in the garage so that the next time want to get in my car, I can find 6B in fewer than 15 minutes.

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