What I Do The Same In Both Places

Dear Friend,

I have used tags like: transition, change, and adjustments in many of my entries. I have tried to make it apparent that this life change has been about learning to do things differently, more simply, and without the extra baggage of our stuff.

Here it is 2 weeks later. We are about 85% there. The dust has not yet settled, but I am beginning routines however new they are. Yesterday I went to the gym in my building for the first time. Today I drove to the nearest Home Depot for a quart of paint. Later today, my daughter and I are going on a walk along the river.

So many new wonderful things to explore, but what about familiar routines, things that centered me, helped me to focus, and enabled me to settle down so I could read a sentence or two without my mind wandering to the next task waiting?

Today my centering moment is about sitting in the living room with a bowl of goodness. It’s quiet here. I hear only the drier across the room in the kitchen and the quiet hum of the air purifier.

It’s just me and my Creator. I am in wonder of how this all came together. I snicker a bit that all this “change” still brings me back to sitting in quietness for even just a few minutes to do the same thing I would be doing in my suburb life – receiving all this grace, practicing thankfulness, and journaling all my thoughts so I won’t forget a bit of it.

With love,


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