Its Time To Go For a Walk

Good Morning Friends,

It’s Friday morning here. It’s been a month this past week that we moved into our apartment.

All of our belongings are here. Every box has been unpacked. Almost all is put away. I am excited to be here. I am grateful for all the divine ordained moments which brought us to this place and time.

And yet, I still sense we have a ways to go to make this place “our” home. For the last several weeks, I have been learning new rhythms, new routines, new ways to get from point A to point B, and even new ways this home works for hospitality.

Yet, it’s not yet “my new normal”. It’s not yet fully home. It takes time to make it a home, our home.

This morning my husband reminded me that in an entire month, he and I haven’t taken the time to put the good busyness aside to go for a walk. A moment to pause. Time to breathe.

We will wait no longer. Today, sandwiched between work, Home Depot and errands, will be a pause. A hand holding pause.  A walk.

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