365 New Days. 365 New Opportunities.

I totally stole these words from a sign hanging in my bathroom. But, they’re in my house, so I have some license to use them.

So this week. I am going to try to get dinner on the table earlier. We have been eating really late – like 8pm some nights. I am going to try and get more sleep. You know you are not getting enough sleep when your eyelids become heavy on the subway and you have only gone one stop. I am going to try and exercise more than walking up a moving escalator. And finally, I am going to try and think more about what’s next for me professionally. I met a woman many years and decades my senior who is finishing her doctorate and I thought – hey, why do I sometimes feel that being at the halfway point in life is like the final 1/3???

Can you relate? It’s all connected. Even when you eat and exercise. Hopefully you will be reading this early in your week so that as you open your blinds in your bedroom (these are mine), you will think about life in a macro way as you look outside to see your new today and your new week.

I will include a few more entries this week about house projects in my new apartment and how I am planning my first big party without on street parking.

See you next time.



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