Let There Be Warmer Light!

And then there was warmer light!!!!





Since we moved in, we kept thinking it was just our perspective. Too stark. Too white. Sometimes it just looked blue and felt cold. The difference between a house and an apartment maybe?

Welcome to LED world. My education on Kelvins. The higher the Kelvins, the whiter the light. Warm white sits between 2700-3000 Kelvins. Daylight sits between 4000-4500 Kelvins. And, cool white is between 5000-6200 Kelvins.

This may mean nothing to you, but I suspect that if you are moving into a new home in the future, you too will learn.

So why do different lights affect people in different ways? Some people like daylight and cool white, and others like warm light.

We are all different and receive the world in unique ways. Can’t we all get along though? Whether we like one type of light or another type of light? Whether we like vegetables or meat? Whether we like to dance the night away or sit curled up with a book?

The moral is my lights are not better than your lights. Kelvin tells me they are just warm lights.

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