So Much To Learn Here

It took a few days and lots of planning and the birthday party went off without a hitch. That’s not the whole truth really…

There were bumps and nothing was seamless. I love using real plates and real glasses so if you do the math, 25 people can use a lot of china!!!! But, friends – we had fun. It was worth every bit of the work. And, my friends showed me grace as I figured it out as the evening went along.

My summary

1) Perfect parties are not a reality.

2) There will always be a better orchestrated party somewhere else.

3) Living on an island doesn’t mean I need to be an island.

4) After everything is cleaned up is the best time to make a to do list for the next time.

What do I mean by these 4 points? Well, a perfect party doesn’t exist. If it does, it isn’t nearly as fun as the kind real people plan and attend. Secondly, no matter how well my execution is the next time 25 people hang out at my house, there will be a better party somewhere else. For me, this keeps me humble. Pride goes out the door. Thirdly, now that I see how much work goes into a party in my apartment based on size and layout, I will ask for help – catering part of the food, hiring someone to do dishes throughout the evening, or just put a lock on the kitchen cabinet, and use disposable dishware. Finally, two days after the party, a dear friend came over and we brainstormed how to do it better next time, and I am excited to use my napkin sketches to try again soon.

I am on a steep learning curve. Hope some of this helps you and reminds you that you are not alone.

Everyday is new here for me and as I learn, I am glad to share the journey with you!!!

One thought on “So Much To Learn Here

  1. Enjoyed reading! Living in a small place and entertaining I have learned 2 things: invest in pretty disposable flatware and paper goods AND try and stay out of the kitchen and visit more.
    We also entertain in our backyard a lot while living upstairs-that’s when I ask for help, many hands…

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