How The Heck Are You?

How the heck are you? That is what one of my girlfriends asked me last Friday evening when 9 of us gathered in my apartment to catch up. It was the first time most of them have seen where we ran off to 3 months ago.

The conversation was rich and the time together reminded me that too much time can not pass between conversations, texts, visits or phone calls. It just can’t. Nothing is as important as when we think about a friend – hello needs to be said at the next available moment.

In these days…I am learning that it is as important to spend time alone as with others.

I visited a museum by myself in the top photo just yesterday to learn about the Four Freedoms of the Roosevelt administration.

And not too long ago (the second photo) I was meeting one of my daughters for lunch, and I passed by the hospital I was a patient at several years ago. The thoughts, feelings, and memories came rushing back to a time I wasn’t sure about tomorrow. Thank God I am in remission and I can look forward, but this too was my journey and had I not turned down a certain street, I would have been in too much of a hurry to stop and remember.

In the third photo I showcase my tiny urban garden. It’s so tiny that I think I will only have enough produce to make only a few salads, but that’s ok. Who would have thought that the back drop to my tiny garden within a community garden is the Manhattan skyline…. Never thought I would be able to have my hands in the dirt even in city life!

As I learn news ways of living and doing even drying my laundry, I am grateful the adventure is still in its infancy. More for next time…

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